Luxe Guest Room Updates

Whether it's the in-laws or your old college roomie, make your overnight guests feel right at home with spruced-up accommodations.


An in-room mirror keeps your guests from darting down the hall every time they need to catch a glimpse of their own reflection.

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Reading Lamp Reading Lamp

Lighting is key: A sleek reading lamp is a stylish way to give them ample illumination to relax with a good read.

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Area Rug Area Rug

No one wants to wake up to a bare, chilly floor. Plus, a color-coordinted rug acts as the room's focal point.

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Colorful Bedding Colorful Bedding

A welcoming sleeping space is quite possibly the most essential element of a well-thought-out room.

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Water Carafe Water Carafe

Having a refillable pitcher of H2O at the ready to quench their thirst is a thoughtful - and practical – touch.

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Fresh Flowers
Fresh Flowers

Nothing can compete with the mood-lifting charm of live blooms - a bedside table is simply not complete without them!

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Scented Candle Scented Candle

The epitome of luxury, a sweet-smelling bougie fills the room with a comforting aroma and oodles of relaxing ambiance.

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Stationery Stationery

Essential for jotting down vacation impressions or correspondence to send home - make sure to have plenty of stamps on hand, too!

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Help your guests combat the evening chill with a plush throw that plays double duty as an oversized shawl for nightcaps with the hosts.

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Carryall Tote Carryall Tote

If an impromptu beach trip is on the day's agenda, a roomy tote will undoubtedly go a long way in helping out-of-towners get packed.

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