10 Steps To Make A Perfect Bed

We spend a third of our lives in between the sheets there are simple measures to take to ensure it's as pleasant as possible!

  • Use a mattress cover Step 1

    Use a washable mattress cover to protect your bed between that, and flipping and rotating your mattress every two months, you'll be able to extend the life of your bed significantly. (Most doctors suggest replacing it every 7-10 years.)

  • Add a pillow top pad Step 2

    If you crave the deepness of hotel sleep, consider layering on a pillow top pad.

  • Iron sheets immediately Step 3

    If ironinng feels laborious, remove your sheets from the dryer when they're hot, and fold them immediately to ensure that they're as wrinkle-free as possible.

  • Fold back topsheet Step 4

    If you've chosen sheets with a decorative stitch on the top sheet, make sure that you layer it on the bed face down, so that you can fold it back for a pretty effect.

  • Use a light blanket in between Step 5

    To layer in shots of color and pattern, consider using a light blanket in between the top sheet and the comforter.

  • Use a mattress cover Step 6

    To create the perfect hospital corner, wrap the sheet along the length of the bed holding it taught. Then, treat the bed as you would a gift and fold the sheet down at a 45 degree angle, and tuck underneath tightly to hold.

  • Add a pillow top pad Step 7

    Either pull the sheet and blanket over the top of the comforter so you can see the layer of color, or fold the comforter into thirds and leave at the bottom of the bed.

  • Iron sheets immediately Step 8

    Stack standard pillows in the back to create
    some height.

  • Fold back topsheet Step 9

    Add color and interest with bright shams and
    throw pillows.

  • Use a light blanket in between Step 10

    Mist with lavender water for extra freshness!

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